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Posted on 11th October 2018 in Book Announcements, General News, New Book, Pre-order

Requiem now on Pre-Order

Delighted to say you can pre-order the third book in the American Ghost® thriller series, REQUIEM, today. It’s out on 8 November, only four weeks away, exclusive to Amazon. Got to say, it was was a lot of fun writing it, my personal favorite book in the American Ghost series. And it sees Nathan Stone in an explosive white-knuckle ride across the Everglades with a terrified actress in tow, as assassins sent by the deep-state close in.

Pre-order your copy today, exclusively on Amazon:

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Here’s what you need to know:

Nothing and no one can stop assassin Nathan Stone.

When black-ops asset Nathan Stone took out the heads of the Commission, a secret deep-state organization, he thought he’d destroyed them for good. Now he’s gone off the grid, trying to get as far away from his past as possible. But the Commission isn’t done with him yet.

Lying low in a Miami bar, Stone knows something’s up when an alluring actress strikes up a conversation with him. His suspicions are correct. The Commission is hot on his trail, and Stone is soon forced to run deep into the heart of the Everglades with the terrified woman as his hostage. He’s the Commission’s number one target—and this time nothing will stop them from eliminating him.

But Nathan Stone is no ordinary target. The crew of mercenary assassins on his heels have no idea what’s in store for them on the River of Grass. Because the hunt is on, and they picked the wrong prey.

  1. Absolutely love this series and looking forward to this next one.
    A solid roller coaster ride of thrills from first to last page.

  2. Already ordered. Really looking forward to the next episode. As JB knows, I was a bit sceptical about Nathan Stone after book one but he told me that things would change. Change they did and I now lovethe character. Bring on November 11

    • Chester, Thanks so much for your kind words. Really nice to hear from you again. The Nathan Stone character is developed even more in book 3, Requiem, and I for one am very excited about this book. Hope you enjoy it when it comes out on November 8th! Regards, J.B.

  3. Looking forward to the release of bok 3 in the Nathan Stne

    • Thanks for getting in touch, William. Requiem, the third American Ghost thriller, is out on 8 November from Thomas & Mercer. Regards, J.B.

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