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Jon ReznickSERIES

Jon Reznick, book 2

Hard Kill

A senior American security adviser is missing, presumed kidnapped for his top-level military intelligence. FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein needs to track him down before classified information gets into the wrong hands. She needs Jon Reznick on board.

The former black-ops assassin is supposed to be on vacation with his daughter, but when Meyerstein calls, it doesn’t pay to keep her waiting. Her elite team is convinced that the missing diplomat’s expertise in the Persian Gulf points to an Iranian terrorist cell, but Reznick isn’t so sure. His gut instinct tells him they’re all wrong. Never one to play by the rules, he finds himself working alone, following a lead that everyone else has dismissed. But to Reznick, the suspect seems a little too clean…

Formats available: Paperback, ebook

First published: August 16, 2016

Publisher: Thomas & Mercer

"Hard Kill is a non-stop battle between a terrorist no one can see and a hunter who lets nothing stand in his way."

Terry Irving, Author of Courier and Warrior

"The writing is solid and the characterisation clear, with great tension as the chase intensifies and the layers of the plot are peeled away with shocking results. A darned good read."

Shots magazine

"There are plenty of people around who believe the end justifies the means, and Turner's portrayal of them is chilling and effective. Hard Kill is fast, clever and above all, believable."

Crime Review

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