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Posted on 8th February 2018 in Book Announcements

Hard Fall

Delighted to say that HARD FALL (Thomas & Mercer) is out today!

It’s a conspiracy thriller, a political thriller, a suspense thriller, an action thriller, all wrapped up in a mind-blowing mystery. It’s the fifth full-length Jon Reznick novel I’ve written. And it’s a bit out there, if I do so myself.

Many thanks to my brilliant editor, Jack Butler, and everyone at Amazon Publishing who’ve worked so hard to make this series such a hit.

So what are you waiting for?

Get your copy here:

US readers:

UK readers:

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Canadian readers:

So what’s the story about, I hear you say?

A friend in danger. A shadowy psych ward. A conspiracy beyond Reznick’s worst nightmares.

When an old Delta Force buddy comes to Jon Reznick for help, paranoid and fearing for his life, Reznick feels duty-bound to protect him. As a black-ops specialist, loyalty to his brothers in arms comes before everything—even the law.

But Jerry White proves difficult to protect. A runaway from a top-security psychiatric facility in upstate New York, he’s considered a danger to himself and others, and Reznick is powerless to stop shadowy senior hospital managers taking Jerry back by force. When FBI Assistant Director Martha Meyerstein warns him off, Reznick ignores her advice, suspecting the Wittenden Institute is not what it seems.

Digging deeper into the hospital’s background—and that of its esteemed manager, Dr. Robert Gittinger—Reznick begins to unravel a sinister plot that will bring warzone black ops to American soil. And when his own life comes under threat, he discovers that Jerry is trapped in a web of high-level conspiracies more terrifying than anything he has ever encountered…

Thanks again for all your fantastic support.



J.B. Turner


  1. Love your Jon Reznick series. I have now read them all. Anxiously awaiting the next one. But I will be patient since they are worth waiting for.

    • Thanks Roxanna. Very kind of you. Glad you’re enjoying the Reznick books! Just putting the finishing touches to my latest book now.


      J.B. Turner

  2. Love the Jon Reznick character! Workig on Book 4 now! Will there ever be a movie!?!?!?!?

    • Thanks for taking the time to contact me, Doug. And thanks for your kind words. Delighted you are enjoying the Reznick books. I don’t know if there will ever be a movie (would love to see that!), but I can tell you I’m putting the finishing touches to the next Jon Reznick thriller, set in New York. Maybe out in 2019.


      J.B. Turner

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