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Posted on 13th July 2019 in J.B. Turner, Vacation

Cala San Vicente

Thought I’d share a few photographs from my visit to a beautiful small town on the north east coast of Majorca, Cala San Vicente. Quite wonderful coastline, scenery and the people are the best. Can’t wait to return!

Regards and best wishes for the summer,

J.B. Turner





  1. Looks lovely, never been there must be missing out, glad you had a great time.

    Rob (thepoet) Browning

    • Thanks Rob, very kind. Real gem of a place. Very quiet and peaceful part of Majorca. Nice to be in touch. Regards, J.B.

  2. These are beautiful! Thanks for sharing them. I’m passing the email along to my friend who also religiously reads your books. Thanks again and keep em comin’ ❤️?

    • Thanks so much, Lisa. Very kind. Glad you like the photos. Beautiful place. Regards, J.B.

  3. Was there two years ago… absolutely beautiful! Hope you had a fabulous trip!

    • It most certainly is, Karen. Amazing little town. Stunning. Thanks for getting in touch. Regards, J.B.

    • Hi Mike, Beautiful scenery indeed! And yeah, guilty, I’m a Yankees fan! What about yourself? What’s your team? Best wishes and regards, J.B.

  4. Well JB I,m very happy tthat you,ve been there and yes its a quite part of Majorca ,the last time I was there it gave me food for thought on the stories that you write However I that yours are more of interest than mine and there fore make for a better read.

    • Lovely part of the world, Trevor. With regards your stories, very best of luck with them. All the best, J.B.

  5. You can see why you will be inspired to continue your writing JBT. Looks a great place to relax and clear the mind

    • Very good point, Graham. Very inspired from visiting there. So much so that a new idea for a future Reznick book is already germinating. Regards, J.B.

  6. Lovely to share something like that. Although I’D prefer another Reznik novel 😉

    • Thanks Lilias! Glad you like the pictures. Hopeful it will inspire a future Reznick novel! Regards, J.B.

  7. Beautiful and very peaceful looking. Love your books. Thank you so much for sharing a part of your life!

    • Thanks Dawn, nice of you to get in touch. It is indeed very peaceful. So much so that there are goats wandering the streets . . . I kid you not! Lovely place. Regards and best, J.B. Turner

  8. good pictures except for cap should been a Twins. ha Enjoy your books.

    • Ha! Nice one, Lucy. Delighted you’re enjoying the books. Another Reznick out in the Fall, HARD SHOT. Best to all Twins fans, J.B. Turner

  9. Thank you for sharing! Looks so pretty! Glad you make time for fun & recharging!

    • It is a very pretty part of the world. Batteries recharged and working on a new Reznick outline. Best wishes and regards, J.B.

    • Thanks Agnes, appreciate you getting in touch. Appreciate also your kind words. Best wishes and regards, J.B.

  10. JB, Pleased to see that you’re having a good time. We also are very fond of Northern Majorca and have visited many times.
    I have read all of your brilliant books and eagerly await John Reznick’s return in October.
    While you are stretched out on your lounger, with a glass of Rioja, remember to keep writing, for us.
    Very best wishes


    • Hi John, Thanks so much for getting in touch. Appreciate your kind words. I can assure you that I was stretched out on a lounger for quite a few days and sampled the beautiful Rioja. Love northern Majorca too. Hope you enjoy Reznick’s return in HARD SHOT later this year, 17 October. Best wishes and regards J.B.

  11. Love Mallorca and Cala, have visited many times over the years.

    If you haven’t already found it next time try the Restaurante Mirador de la Victoria, out past Old Alcudia. Perfect spot for a long lunch and may help with inspiration?

    p.s. We were trying to keep Cala a secret 😉

    • Thanks so much for getting in touch! Will definitely check out the restaurant you recommended. Know what you mean about keeping Cala San Vicente a secret. A true gem of a place.

      Best wishes and regards,


  12. Great pics, you look like I imagine Jon Rez would look!!
    Have a great vacation and keep the books rolling!!!

    • Thanks for taking the time to get in touch, Neil. Regards, J.B.

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