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Posted on 21st September 2022 in General News, J.B. Turner, Jon Reznick, Mallorca, Port de Soller, Vacation

A village in Mallorca

The beautiful village of Port de Soller in north west Mallorca is a very special place. Thought I’d share a few images of the time I spent there this summer and in the nearby town of Soller, with its imposing cathedral. Lovely part of the world.

Port de Soller
Beautiful Port de Soller, Mallorca.

  1. It looks amazing, may have to look to have a holiday there next year. Can’t wait to your next book in December comes out, pre ordered in June.

    • Hi Shannon, Thanks for taking the time to contact me. Glad you liked the photos. My next book, HARD FIRE, the 10th Jon Reznick thriller, is out on 13 December 2022.

      All best,


  2. Looks beautiful. We were in Mallorca in August but didn’t make it over to Soller. We did pay a visit to Cala san Vincente and there was a yacht right where it all happened in the book!

    • Hi Wendy, Thanks for taking the time to contact me. Glad you liked the photos. Cala San Vicente is a gorgeous little hamlet too. Hope you enjoyed your trip to Mallorca in August. Appreciate you getting in touch. Very best, JB

  3. Morning. Went to Solar many years ago and by looking at your pictures ‘time has stood still’. Beautiful place Would recommend to all as would I your books. Now waiting for your latest which I have already pre booked. Roll on December. Kindest regards.

    • Hi Bev,

      Glad you liked the pictures. I know what you mean about time standing still. So true! Next book out is HARD FIRE on 13 December. Appreciate your support and kind words.



  4. Beautiful photos definitely deserves a visit. Looking forward to reading your next book

    • Thanks Mary. Really nice part of the island. My next book, HARD FIRE, is out on 13 December, so not long now. The 10th book in the Jon Reznick thriller series.

      All best,


  5. Been to Majorca a few times and loved it, but the quality of your pics was beyond my skill set. Well done. Appreciate it.

  6. We stayed in Port Soller any moons ago. It was beautiful and the tram comnnection to Soller and then the little train to Palma is an absolute must.
    Fabulous seafood and such a beautiful Island to visit overall.
    Go and explore you won’t be disappointed.

  7. Love Soller, particularly the towm, the tram ride and theu train through the mountains from Palma.

      • It’s great. Have only been there on day trips but looks very relaxing to stay. All good and looking forward to your next books. Seems ages since the last one. Thankfully, I have other authors to keep me reading,

        • Chester, It does seem like ages since the last one. Not long until HARD FIRE, out 13 December. And the second Jack McNeal thriller, LONG WAY HOME, is out in February too. Best wishes and regards,


  8. JB, What beautiful pictures. Looks like you had a great time.
    Thanks for sharing!!
    Jay Graner

  9. Beee-u-tiful pics. Never been there. Navy career took me to 15-odd countries. But, what’s with the Yankee cap. Signed, Struggling Rays Fan

    Scotty, The Villages

    • Hey Scotty,

      Thanks for taking the time to contact me. Delighted you enjoyed the pics of Port de Soller. Special place. With regard Yankees cap, I take full responsibility! I was visiting New York with my family and we went to see the Yankees on 4 July a few years back. Memorable day. Send my regards to everyone at The Villages in Florida. And also the Ray fans everywhere!!

      Best wishes,


  10. JB
    Are any of these locations relative to any of the books?

    Great pictures by the way.

    • Hi Dave,

      Hard Vengeance is where Reznick is lured to Mallorca, and Cala San Vicente in Mallorca, after the explosion of Meyerstein’s yacht. There is a brief mention of Port de Soller if I remember correctly. But I do have plans for Reznick to return to Mallorca in a future adventure . . .

      Thanks for your kind words and getting in touch.



  11. We visited Soller a few years ago on a cruise excursion. A pretty town and a fun train ride back to the port. I’m looking forward to the next Reznick book.

    • Hi Joe,

      Thanks for taking the times to contact me. I loved Soller and the port. Beautiful. And of course, the tram ride to the port! Next Reznick book, HARD FIRE, out 13 December . . . not long now. Very best regards, JB

  12. Looks OK there JB, bloody long way from Oz, so I doubt wifey & I will ever get to see it. You haven’t got a private jet you can send down to collect us I presume?

  13. I have lived in the Port of Sóller for the past 30 years and I can’t think of a better place to rest and relax. Reznick would love it!

    • How wonderful, Catherine! I’ve been around six times over the years. Twice this year alone (research and relaxation). One of my old times favourite places.

      Thanks for getting in touch! And you’re right, Reznick would indeed love it!


      • Come for some coffee, tea or wine next time you are over!

  14. Great pictures. Brings back memories.
    Congrats on your books Jon Reznik in particular is brilliant, along the lines of my other favourite author Lee Child with Reacher. Looking forward to Hard Fire which already pre-ordered. Keep up the good work.

  15. Hi Mr Turner,
    Seems like you had a great time in Mallorca lovely pictures. Any spots that you would recommend for when I hopefully go there?
    Absolutely love your Jon Reznick series. I heard Hard Fire is coming out and I can’t wait I am so excited.
    Any chance of turning the book series into a tv series 😀

    • Hi Sam,
      Thanks for your kind words. And you’re right, HARD FIRE is out on 13 December. And it’s currently on preorder ahead of publication. With regard favourite areas of Mallorca, Port de Soller, Soller and Cala San Vicente are my personal favourite spots on the island. But there are numerous others. Terrific place to visit. Lovely people too. With regard turning the Reznick book series into a TV series, absolutely, I would love that. But agents who specialise in that area – book to TV/Film – are best placed to look at that side of things. Me? I’m too busy working on the next Reznick book that comes out at the end of November 2023, Hard Exit!
      Thanks for taking the time to contact me, All best, JB

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