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Posted on 2nd January 2019 in General News, Uncategorized


I want to take this opportunity to share with my readers some really exciting news. I’m thrilled to say I have reached a major milestone with over ONE MILLION READERS across all my Amazon Publishing titles!

And for that, I want to say I’m truly thankful and full of gratitude as I set out in 2019, with two new Jon Reznick thrillers out this year. The first one, HARD HIT (Thomas and Mercer), will be out on 25 April 2019.

I wish you and your loved ones all the very best for 2019.




  1. As a reader it has been ALL my pleasure!!
    Happy New Year to you as well and congratulations on your progress last year…well deserved!

  2. Thank you for your good wishes for 2019 which we reciprocate. We look forward to reading your new novel Regards.

    • Many thanks, Bev, nice to hear such lovely feedback for my books. Regards, J.B.

  3. Happy new year to you too JB
    Look forward to reading more of your books
    Keep up the good work

    • Happy New Year, Chester!

      Great to hear from you. And love the pun! Can’t beat millionaire shortbread. Regards and best wishes for 2019, J.B.

    • Thank you so much. The next Reznick book, HARD HIT, should hit the mark I’m hoping! HARD SHOT is the follow-up, should be out late 2019. Regards and best, J.B.

  4. Congratulations and Happy New Year! Looking forward to reading the new books in the series. I’ve really enjoyed the others as well.

    • Thanks Sandi, very kind of you. Delighted you’re enjoying the series. Fingers crossed HARD HIT won’t disappoint! Regards and best wishes, J.B.

  5. Your charcter, the thrill of the story line and the ovious time spent ensuring accuracy have made your books one of my favourites. Although Jon Reznick is not as talk as Jack Reacher, his stories are head and shoulders above!
    Congratulations on your well deserved success, I’m looking forward to the new books as well as starting your ‘American Ghost’ series.

    • Thanks so much, Richard, very kind of you to say so! Thanks for getting in touch. Regards, J.B.

  6. Many congratulations on this milestone .It is well and truelly deserved. Have a happy new year

    • Thanks Andy, really appreciate that. Regards and best wishes for 2019, J.B.

  7. Excellent, so delighted for you, that’s a proper milestone!
    And can’t wait for the new Jon Reznick books, they’re the best!

    • Many thanks for getting in touch, Paul! Appreciate you kind words. Hopefully HARD HIT hits the mark when it comes out on 25 April. Reznick in full-on mode! Regards, J.B.

  8. Excellent you richly deserve this. Looking forward to your new books, they are always great.

    • Thank you so much, Ellen! So kind of you. Best wishes and regards for 2019, J.B.

  9. Happy new year to you JB
    The Jon Reznick series is one of the best ever written. What a character, the best most enthralling plots all told by a brilliant author. Thank you and looking forward to the next one,

    • Hey Sam, thanks for taking the time to contact me. Appreciate your kind words. Hopefully HARD HIT gives you more of the same, and then some, when it comes out on 25 April! Best for 2019, J.B.

  10. Great you deserve this. Looking forward to more books this year I always look forward to them

  11. Enjoy reading your books and look forward to the new ones this year. Hope you have a happy and prosperous 2019.

    • Thank you so much, Larry. Appreciate you getting in touch. Best wishes for 2019, J.B.

    • Hi Sam, Thanks for taking the time to contact me. Two more Reznicks out this year. HARD HIT on 25 April and HARD SHOT in Oct/Nov 2019. Best wishes for 2019, J.B.

      • Hooked on Jon Reznick from the start,great work and good luck for the New Year

  12. Happy New year! Hopefully this year will continue to bring you inspiration, creativity and happiness. Looking forward to reading your new work.

  13. Well deserved, JB! Looking forward to reading the next two. Thanks for being so good at what you do.

  14. Excellent News read every book you wrote fantastic news . Can’t wait!!!!!!!! Thanks Carl Clause and Happy New Year

    • Very kind of you to say so, Carl. Thanks for getting in touch. Hopefully HARD HIT hits the mark for you! Regards, J.B

  15. Happy New Year to you JB and congratulations on reaching the Million readers milestone!

    • Many thanks, Cecilia. Much appreciated. Regards and best for 2019, J.B.

  16. Thanks and Happy Nwe year to you also.
    I have enjoyed every book of yours so far.

    • Hi Jim, Thanks for taking the time to get in touch. Appreciate your kind words. Best for 2019, J.B.

  17. Have enjoyed all of your books! You have become one of my favored authors. Happy New Year?

    • Thank you so much, Dave. Very kind of you to say so. Regards and best wishes for 2019, J.B.

  18. Congratulations on your success. I have read all the Jon Reznick novels and am looking forward to the two new ones. I love your style of writing… the plots and sub-plots are quite intricate and get me hooked every time. Congratulations and I wish you a very blessed, successful and happy 2019. All the best,

    Greg Virtue (Central Coast NSW, Australia)

    • Greg, Thank you so much. So nice to hear from readers who have enjoyed the books as much as you have. Best wishes for 2019, J.B.

  19. From a Florida fan…..keep writing because your creativity and attention to the “captured details” in your stories is truly a gift!

    • Thank you so much, appreciate your really kind words. Means a lot. Regards to you and your family in Florida, J.B.

  20. Happy New Year, JB! And a MILLION joyus returns. As, a lover of all things Jon Reznick, I know your book Hard Hit will be a Hit with the fans! We are going to chomping at the bit til April, waiting.


    Darlene Sassone
    (Youngstown, Ohio, USA)

    • Happy New Year, Darlene! Really nice to hear from you. Love your comments. And not long till the next Reznick thriller, HARD HIT. Actually putting the finishing touches to the follow-up, HARD SHOT. Regards to you and your friends and family in 2019, J.B.

  21. Happy New Year! Quote an achievement. You should be very proud. Stay well.

  22. I have read each of your books with enthusiasm. I look forward to each new title.
    Kindest regards to you and yours.
    QE Terry

  23. New to reading you. Love the “American Ghost” books…Will there be anymore coming out in the future?

    • Hi Joe, Thanks so much. Delighted you’re enjoying the American Ghost series of book with Nathan Stone. No plans for a fourth as yet, as focussing on the Jon Reznick series. Hope that clarifies. Nice to be in touch.


      J.B. Turner

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